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A cab service for the specially-abled

ISP Bangalore Bureau 

They won the Nasscom Foundation award for inclusive projects and the Mysore municipality has agreed to pilot their e-rickshaws, meet Vidhya and Shreekrishna – promoters and brain KickStart cab service. First, they started a cab service for the disabled in Bangalore. Then they felt it is not inclusive as only well to do can afford so they started an electric auto-rickshaw for the handicapped. They are working towards making accessible transportation affordable and available. 

Vidhya’s mother was in a wheelchair with Lou Gehrig syndrome and she realised how tough it was to get her into a car. That’s how the idea began to gain ground. Srikrishna, the technical mind behind the whole initiative is a close relative of Vidhya and they both are the directors of this social venture which is catching global attention. 

Sadly, Vidhya’s mother passed away too soon but both persisted and are working relentlessly to give comfort to thousands of people in need. 

Today, not just disabled, old people and many people with special needs like ones recovering from accidents etc are using the cabs as they find it easy to get into. The advantage of this cab service is that the drivers are trained to help and are sensitised towards the needs of the people in need. 

“Accessible transportation is the first-mile solution for a good quality of life for persons with disabilities,” says Vidhya Ramasubban to ISP. 

So, if you think your mobility is limited because you use a wheelchair or if you feel dependent on your family and friends to get from one part of the city to another, then KickStart is the solution for you. 

“We have created a solution to make wheelchair accessible transportation affordable, now all we have to do is to make it widely available,” says Srikrishna talking to ISP.

Our vehicles are equipped to accommodate wheelchair users and help people, especially those with disabilities and senior citizens. We are making an ecosystem which is conducive for these people to commute from one corner of the city to another with the least restriction, and maximum safety and comfort. Our drivers are trained to assist users who have difficulties getting in and out of vehicles and buildings, he adds.

The cab service now has taxis with turn-out wheelchairs which have the front seat which turns out of the car when it is needed. Another type of taxi is the taxi with wheelchair roll-in ramps. In these types of cars, the wheelchair user can go right inside the vehicle with the wheelchair. And it is locked for safety and it also has seat belts for additional safety. The new range of e-rickshaws all comes with such ramps.

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