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A friend of the Voiceless 

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Dr Tapesh Mathur is veterinarian by profession and is an employee of the government of Rajasthan but more than that he is one contemporary source of light for those who think welfare of animals in the fast paced urban life is finding a backseat. This Jaipur-based veterinary surgeon is credited with making the ‘Krishna Limb’, India’s first prosthetic limb for animals.  He has been designing prosthetic limbs for animals since 2015 and to date, has helped over 500 animals from various States adapt to using a prosthetic. Most of these animals lose their limbs in traffic accidents and due to human negligence. 

His impeccable experience working with the animals in Rajasthan for the last 16 years has brought him appreciation from not just India but from world over. He has served at various stations including the urban and rural veterinary hospitals as per the government orders and also has been part of the State Cattle Commission and Gaushala movement. His expertise in animal surgery made him a star during his tenure with the Gau Sewa Ayog, State Cattle Commission of Rajasthan. He was deputed as a Secretary in the Commission and he launched several schemes by virtue of which the Commission earned wide repute and became self-sufficient. 

Dr Tapesh Mathur is hailed as the chief architect of the Rajasthan government’s plan for providing free medicines in the animal husbandry sector. His recent posting at Jaipur Nagar Nigam Gaushala caught media attention with his exemplary record of overseeing and leading 80 surgical operations on critical cows. The procedures carried out on the cows helped them walk on their own. 

 He is also part and key mentor of Save Birds campaign run by community based organisations during the kite festival of Sankranti. Dr. Tapesh has operated and rescued injured endangered vulture, owl, kite, pigeons and other birds by stitching wings to help them fly back freely in the sky. He has also treated large animals like lions, elephants and horses and is now on his mission to mentor and lead a movement to ensure easy and painless implantation of prosthetic limbs on disabled animals. Dr Tapesh feels that if a human can get a prosthetic limb, why not an animal. He says that limb implanting on animals in India is easier said than done because while there is a tremendous amount of ongoing research for human prosthetics, there is hardly any for animals.

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