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A monk scripting newer paradigms in agriculture

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A sanyasi is often associated with a resigned life enjoying the fruits of meditations and chantings. Here is a monk who is redefining it. Madhav Prakash, a sanyasi of the Swami Narayan order is doing what is most required for Indian farmers and nature. A Vedant Acharya in Sanskrit and a postgraduate, he is researching ways and means of reducing wastage and increasing efficiency in agricultural practices. 

Swami Madhav’s early inspirations in the field came from his first-hand experience of wastage and lack of awareness among masses of lean and clean technology for tilling and growing crops. He was appointed in charge of the cow shelters of the Swaminarayan order when he got more opportunity and time to experiment with the possibility to placate the situation on the ground. His role as caretaker of the livestock required him to closely work with the farm community for fodder and other things. The spiritual guru started innovating tools used in the fields and after consistent efforts, he had a ray of hope. 

“I found that the irrigation practices were not just inefficient, they were also harmful to the field. In India, mostly the farmers use flood irrigation methods, both pump irrigation and canal irrigation. That feeds around 10 times the actual water required for the land depletes the topsoil and also results in a huge waste of precious groundwater. Similar issues exist with drip irrigation systems too which require elaborate networks of pipes and it all hampers the harvesting process,” says Swami Madhav.

Once introduced to the problems, he started working on a sustainable solution for it. He evolved and adapted the modern techniques to make the Robotic Travel Rain Gun. The innovation travels around 300 metres and covers a space of 70 metres around it to irrigate the field efficiently. It does not require the conventional trenches to be made in the fields and nor does it require a network of supply pipes. 

Robotic Travel Rain Guns require only timely remote-controlled operation and it does not require any fuel to run it either. It is a programmed machine.  Now, farmers do not require to brave the heat of the sun or the chilling winters to irrigate their farms. It will be now done by the Robotic Travel Rain Gun innovated and introduced by Swami Madhav Prakash. 

“Conserving water is the need of the generation. We use 70 per cent of our available water source for irrigation. 22 per cent for industries and 7 per cent for our domestic use. Any technology that can substantially reduce the irrigation water needed will save us from any future crisis,” says the monk who is on a mission to transform agriculture in India.

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