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A mother uniting people to fight mental health

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Addressing mental issues across the world and especially in India is an expensive affair. Mostly unaffordable for a middle-class family. WHO estimates that the economic loss to Indians due to mental health conditions between 2012-2030 shall be about Rs.70 trillion. The deteriorating situation in the field has caught the attention of some people like Komel Chadha and the efforts to make mental health treatment affordable has already begun. 

She is a life coach, a counsellor and the mother of an infant. She tried entrepreneurship but not so successfully. During pandemic times, she came across scores of people in need of mental health care. She zeroed in on the fact that there was an urgent need to make mental health care affordable as well as accessible to the common person. 

Taking a cue from her two decades of counselling and coaching, Komel began holding large workshops to help people learn and practice mental self-care. She strongly believed that mental health care techniques do not have to be hushed up secrets known only to a few. Every individual must know self-help before reaching a specialist. 

“If you can learn to do difficult Yoga asanas and do them at your convenience, you can practice mental health care techniques too,” says Komel, talking to ISP. 

Mental health care is a vital sector needing much attention. People need the support in the field to be more efficient personally to deal with the situations in family and professional care must also be made affordable. Due to lack of awareness and accessibility, a lot of cases which can be cured permanently end up as a crisis and sometimes permanent loss too, she adds.

In the last two years, Komel played an instrumental role in helping people overcome their mental issues like depression, anxiety, stress and many other ailments. She has taken master training to a wide range of individuals ranging from leading CXOs to homemakers, Chartered Accountants to industrialists, film makers and fashion designers and many more.

While expert awareness was being done on the ground, there was also an urgent need to create a window through which people can approach their mental health issues without being judged. Her team understood this need and created an online platform where people can get genuine mental health support from professionals free of charge in the comfort of their homes and with complete anonymity. 

With the infant by her side, Komel spends most of her time bringing on board many professionals, psychologists and counsellors from different locations of India so that the help could reach maximum people. Her effort is to ensure that no person in India must be left out of support in case of a mental health problem. 

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