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A student rising up for other students

ISP Delhi Bureau 

At first look Anushka Prakash may seem to be any other school going child. But she is up to something cutting-edge and path breaking. This class XII student at the Welham Girls School in Dehradun has created Project Prakash, an online experience that provides free learning opportunities to children in rural India. 

The initiative from this school student came after her realisation of so many children in India staying away from regular education in the post-pandemic times. Her mission is to make education accessible for all. Project Prakash is powered by a bot driven by Artificial Intelligence that guides and functions like a mentor to children visiting her platform. 

Anushka’s Project Prakash platform online is a free, open-source, educational platform which can be personalised and used by schools across India.The content and the innovative approach of teaching tailormade in the platform is proving a boon for many children who do not have access to smart classes and are likely to fall behind in the race for knowledge in the digital age. Project Prakash gives one -touch access to students to study content of global standard. 

“Project Prakash aims at helping young teenagers follow and pursue their passions and dreams. On this platform they can watch videos from experienced mentors, read interesting pages on various subjects they enjoy and as well as watch classes from Stanford University. The platform also has a chat-bot which they can interact with and ask questions. The platform is available in two languages – English and Hindi,” says the introduction of the platform launched by Anushka. 

Multitalented Anushka Prakash has won global acclaim for her initiative and she is already being pitched as one of the changemakers of India. A sports person and an ardent enthusiast of music, she plays piano and has done professional courses and performances of her music skills. Her love for Bharatnatyam is something which makes her special. Her performances are a big hit in the school. Her latest passion is about digital art and she has come out with some beautiful frames manifesting the roads and landscape of Kolkata, the city she grew up in. While she further sharpens her skill in graphic designing, Anushka aims to find ways to use art and Music to bring about a positive change in the world.

“Having been lucky enough to come from a privileged background, I have always been provided with various opportunities that have helped me progress in the fields I am passionate about. I have always felt, however, that there are many talented students out there who don’t have the access to resources and exposure to pursue the things they love to do. This is what motivated me to build my platform – Project Prakash’” Anushka writes in her bio on her portal mentioning her inspiration to launch the platform.

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