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A thoughtful business model

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Shruti Shibulal is an entrepreneur and a businesswoman and she heads a responsible hospitality group. The concept may sound new in the Indian context but the CEO and Director of Tamara Leisure Experiences are making it a signature of her world and also taking the message worldwide. 

Shruti’s business based out of Bangalore aligns itself with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and as a result of it, she was recently appointed a Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum. Bringing laurels to India, she has also been recently appointed as a co-lead on one of the work streams within their Global Future Council on Sustainable Tourism to advise on practices that will inform the establishment of responsible travel globally.

Shruti is passionate about her goals of responsible tourism and sustainable business practices, which she puts into practice as head of her business group and is growing up as a role model and building new standards for the global hospitality industry. In recognition of her work, she was also selected recently for the Fortune 40 under 40 awards. 

She offers ‘sustainable holidays’ which is key to her business model ever since she started hospitality work in 2012. She uses eco-friendly building materials and designs and grows organic vegetables and fruits at all her properties. She is working towards the age-old practices of excesses and waste in the hospitality industry. Her biggest challenge remains to be to keep sustainability and luxury hand-in-hand. 

To ensure livelihood and collaboration of the local community, all her work involves local communities and designs and development are integrated with the local landscapes. Infrastructural additions like rainwater-harvesting tanks, in-house water filtration plants, wildlife preservation, and community engagement which includes disaster relief efforts, clean-up drives and tree-planting activities are all essential elements of her business. 

Small innovations have helped Shruti and her team conserve valuable natural resources. All of her property has showers fitted with aerators in the bathrooms. These small attachments fitted at the end of water taps control the flow of water. With this addition, although the water consumption is 30% lower, the water pressure in the taps and showers remains the same. 

Shruti Shibulal now aims toward building not just sustainable hospitality brands but responsible destinations as well. In such destinations, the administration of that location as well as the industry will jointly focus on sustainability. 

To convey the message of sustainability and profitable business by conserving nature, Shruti hosts school students on her property on a regular basis and treats them with good food for thought and kids also enjoy a happy vacation amid nature. 

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