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Air warrior turned activist 

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Social activism and a defence background is not something that is very common that gel together. Sunil Sihag Gora is an exception and also a shining example for civil society members. He keeps his head high as a veteran soldier and works hard along with the civil society members. He is an inspiring speaker, organiser and altruistic leader who is striving to enhance lives particularly by calling upon people to donate body organs. 

Sihag, who hails from Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan served in the Indian Air Force for 15 years before turning his focus to people centric initiatives. The lack of awareness towards education opportunities and venues for youngsters to sharpen their skills prompted Sihag to work among the youth in his region. 

The Gora Foundation Trust, established by Sunil Sihag in memory of his mother in Rajasthan, is doing pioneering work to promote organ donation and mutual civic care in India. He was in the news recently when he came up with a novel, ‘Day Turns Dark’. The book is doing wonders with revealing stories of life problems, relations, complexities and their corresponding solutions. The proceedings of his book and all the revenue earned will go to the efforts for creating awareness towards organ donation in India.  

Bollywood actress Sezal Sharma while recently launching the book of social activist-writer Sunil Sihag Gora’s debut novel Day Turns Dark said Sihag is a role model to follow. To create awareness and to promote knowledge sharing in the society,  Sihag through the Gora Foundation Trust has also set up five community libraries in rural areas to make valuable books accessible to the readers.

His initiative to promote reading and learning opportunities in the rural hinterlands of Rajasthan is called Shiksha Abhiyan. He has been successful in bringing on board many like minded organisations and individuals from across the country in this initiative. 

Sihag organises learners to help each other and to promote scholarship in the rural community. His passion to promote organ donation is guided by the principle that only awareness and knowledge can create a mutually helpful society. He inspires individuals to sign up for organ donation willfully and also to spread the word about the need for organs in the country. 

By the efforts of volunteering organisations like the one led by Sihag, the organ donation drive in India is in one of the best phases. As per the NOTTO, the premier government body overseeing organ donation in India, the pre-covid rates of organ donation were fast achieved in the first quarter of the year 2022 and it’s a very welcome development.

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