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An orphan who is brewing success

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This Kerala man owns a chain of pop-up carts dotting streets across India and is known worldwide by the brand name The Chai Wallah. Faisal Yousaf hails from the scenic coastal town of Alappuzha and has over 50 franchise outlets and the craze for his products are increasing with every passing day. Faisal’s carts are renowned for serving hygienic cups of freshly brewed artisan chai on the go. 

Faisal, the Chai Guru, had a difficult childhood. He was orphaned very early in life and grew up in an orphanage and could not complete schooling due to circumstances. But his passion for tea, spices and herbs made him famous. He started the pop-up cart after his return from the UK where he had worked in a coffee-importing company for seven years.

It was not a quick success. After his failure in school, he worked as an estate agent in Mumbai for a while and then went to Dubai for a job. While in Dubai he got a chance to work in Europe and ended up in the UK and returned from Europe with his plan to start his own venture. 

He started by selling tea blends online. Inspired by his wide travel experience, he founded ‘The Chai Wallah’ With his immense love for the authentic preparations of Kerala and rest of the country passed on from generations to generations. He sources all his ingredients directly from small farmers from across India. Cardamom to Assam Tea, his tiny stall has it all. “Our house blend is a combination of finest Black Teas from Assam and Nilgiri Mountain Range that goes in every chai we brew at the Cart,” claims his corporate profile.

Today his outlet has a huge range of tea types. From the traditional tea to pudina chai, holy basil chai, paan chai, dirty chai, saffron chai, kadak chai, the chai wallah blend, iced masala chai latte and so on, The Chai Wallah outlets have teas to cater to all kinds of tastes. It also offers a range of snacks and juices. Faisal also exports blended teas to Europe and to select customers based on demand.

Faisal started his journey of entrepreneurship from near Alappuzha lighthouse in 2018. His rise from a high-school dropout to successful start-up owner is nothing short of a fairy tale. His tea-stall serves tea of around 50 kinds. In just four years the brand owned by Faisal became a national fame with his outlets now in  Kerala, Dubai, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. 

Faisal has plans to go pan India and open at least 1,000 outlets in five years. He is planning for his outlets in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and many other parts of UAE apart from Dubai.

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