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Becoming a source of green life

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What would you call a person who gives up her well-settled corporate position to become a profitable farmer? It is nothing but pure inspiration. Meet Gitanjali Rajamani who quit her work at Tata Consultancy Services and innovatively pursued her interest in farming in a unique business model.  

Stuck by her passion to stay connected with green farms and bored by the routine of a job, Gitanjali decided not just to take up agriculture herself but also give the opportunity to others to farm and get fresh food as well. She founded the company Farmizen. The start-up had the feature to let you rent farmland outside the city to grow food for your own domestic requirement. The food was assured to be secure and organic. 

The choice of vegetables and cereals ranged from regular onion, tomatoes and potatoes to any exotic one that you want specifically to be grown. While people are busy with their city life, Farmizen gave them a unique option to grow their food requirements with farmers at the farm helping to take care and deliver the food items you require at the proper time. 

Gitanjali’s experiment with farm ventures began soon after he quit her job in 2013. She founded GreenMyLife, a landscape design and garden maintenance company which also had an online store. Farmizen, the rent-a-farm concept came only four years after in 2017. 

The GreenMyLife team had an in-house team of landscape designers, project managers, and water feature and lighting design specialists to ensure that the garden design process from initial concept to project completion is taken up smoothly and seamlessly. 

The team led by Gitanjali aims to not only give our clients the garden of their dreams but to give them a garden that reflects as closely as possible the styling, decoration and colour palette of their home so that there is a strong visual relationship between the inside and outside spaces. They work closely with architects and interior designers to ensure that the client’s dream is achieved in an aesthetic and environment-friendly manner. After becoming known in the industry as a gardening specialist, she teamed up with her friends to form Farmizen.

Farmizen today is a dependable name to provide access to fresh, healthy and chemical-free produce by promoting a farming experience among city dwellers. The venture has also helped improve local farmers’ livelihoods and give them a respectable living source.

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