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She is on social media platforms to change the narrative for Indian mothers. Meet Harpreeth Suri, the celebrity mom blogger of India. She has always been a name synonymous with fashion and lifestyle. She took up interactions to understand parental problems better and presented them in various platforms and programmes. 

Today, with her dynamic attitude and smiling spirit, she is helping hundreds of mothers find a way in their problems and to pursue a respectable livelihood. She is not only empowering women entrepreneurs and promoting small brands but also cheering up people and looking after their wellness in small but effective ways.

Harpreeth Suri’s work has helped touch thousands of mothers and have given them hope and optimism, especially in the tough covid times. She has taken it up as a professional responsibility to help women realise their potential and explore their capability as entrepreneurs, homemakers, parents, or in any other role which they opt for. She is engaged in promoting women-led small ventures and homegrown brands. 

Her strength to push visibility and growth of women entrepreneurs comes from her long association with brands like Dyson, Salvatore Ferragamo, VIACOM, Amazon, Dune, Jimmy Choo, Coach, Marriott Hotels, BMW and many more as a fashion icon and lifestyle commentator. As a social activist, she connects international brands through her platform to small women entrepreneurs across India. 

Mother of two, she patronages innovative ideas of parenting and promotes it with international platforms. She was awarded by the Times of India as India’s number one mom blogger and honoured by Dr. Kiran Bedi for her outstanding contribution towards mothers. She guides you how to embrace motherhood and be free of any guilt as perfection is just a myth. 

Harpreeth Suri today is India’s most searched mom blogger on Google and other social media platforms. She is working tirelessly to develop programmes that assist parents in raising their children. Her revolutionary thought process on parenting has made her an exemplary figure amongst moms giving them hope in the grim times of pandemic and online schooling.

As a leading influencer in the country, she hopes to positively influence every household she can reach out to, focusing on helping them establish a safe, healthy and happy future for everyone. Her mom posts guiding mothers are an international social media rage. She is not a typical mom blogger but a lot more than you usually witness.

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