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Catch the rain campaign gets an icon

ISP Bhopal Bureau 

Pankaj Tiwari, a former officer with the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is today acknowledged as the man who is working tirelessly to ensure the rainwater is harvested for drinking purposes and for enhancing the groundwater level. 

Hailing from Gwalior, Pankaj woke up to the reality of the water crisis in India when he heard of the news of Latur in Maharashtra reeling under the stress of water scarcity in 2016. Meanwhile, Pankaj had to leave his job due to personal compulsions back home. After his tenure as an officer with a paramilitary force, he dedicated his time and energy to researching and understanding the methods to conserve water. 

“I knew the solutions were easy and our forefathers had enough wisdom to maintain a balance between nature and living. It is just that we have not tried to learn it and implement it in our modern life,” says Pankaj Tiwari to ISP. 

His research took him to the age-old technique of purifying rainwater with coal, charcoal, sand and pebbles. He first experimented with it in multiple locations with various samples of rainwater in varied quantities and intensity of rain. He found the results satisfactory. 

Pankaj, despite his poor economic standing, took the risk of taking a loan and developing the prototype for experimenting with the technique in practical conditions. He registered a firm called Amey Creations and empanelled with the MSME ministry to scale up his innovation. 

“The beauty of the technique was that it was cost-effective and required very little maintenance. It was easy to install and was environment-friendly free of any chemicals. We found two major advantages of the technology employing this method of rainwater harvesting. One was that the water table underneath could be replenished and secondly it was a regular source of pure drinking water,” says Pankaj. 

The technology of rainwater harvesting developed by Pankaj and his team involves a capsule set which can be easily installed in dry borewells as well as underground water sources in use. 

Several Public Sector undertakings and State Governments have successfully installed the technology developed and made available by Pankaj in the open market. Several others have shown interest. Orders are lining up for Pankaj and he now wishes to rope in allies to take the technology to different corners of the country. He was recently awarded for his work by the Union Government. 

“We want this to be available in every part of the country. The technology has been patented but we are calling people to take ahead this work in their regions. We have kept the whole system very cost-effective so that rural and urban areas can install this water harvesting system without any burden,” adds Pankaj.

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