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Funding Good Ideas

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Rainmatter is one among the few funds that supports and incubates innovative ideas that could help us achieve sustainability. The team led by Nithin Kamath incubates ideas startups. Rainmatter Fund is a rare example of corporates coming forward to support a better future for the society. Rainmatter fund is promoted by the founders of the financial services firm Zerodha. 

Nithin’s Rainwater Foundation is today increasingly becoming a reliable place for youngsters and entrepreneurs who have ideas and projects for climate action. The fund is looking for people who are working towards a healthier environment and livelihoods associated with them.

Rainmatter was founded by Nithin Kamath and his partner Kailash Nadh as they believe that climate change is the biggest existential threat to life as we know it. The fund was created by the young leaders at a time when resources were lacking to attempt and to replicate at scale the potential solutions that may help address at least some of these threats. With the leadership of Nithin and the hard work of the team, Rainwater is now  an aid in the restoration of our natural ecosystems.

The idea to start something like Rainwater germinated in 2013 when Nithin  and Kailash started their technology company and they made it a point to ensure proper segregation of waste in the office and educate people about it. Those initiatives finally gave way to the Rainmatter Foundation. Over the next many years both Nithin and his team thought of sticking to the  principles of minimalism and frugality including an early push to eliminate the use of paper in a heavily paper dependent industry which they were in.

Nithin made it a point to meet people with ideas and by 2015 his team was actively supporting many ideas to grow into businesses and hence it gave birth to the Rainmatter Capital, a Fintech fund.

By 2018, as Zerodha grew more successful, it started supporting many environmental projects actively. By 2010 it gave rise to Rainmatter Foundation and it became a platform to scale up the experiments that support nature and a healthy future. 

Rainwater Foundation is focussed on particularly supporting initiatives and ideas from small town and rural areas as they wish to make it a level-playing field for youngsters with good thoughts. With over 90 percent of the country’s GDP concentrated in big cities, the initiative of Rainwater Foundation is sure to make a difference with the small towns and talents from rural India. It has undoubtedly helped create a strong ecosystem of problem solvers in India. 

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