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Imparting good health and farm-skills

ISP Delhi Bureau 

Neha Bhatia and Puneet Tyagi are farmprenours with a difference. Founders of The Prodigal Cook Farms in Noida, are basically into running an urban farm, growing veggies and delivering farm-fresh veggies. But what they do beyond that is more interesting and inspiring. They also host open-air brunches and educational tours for kids. Their destination is now also becoming fast popular as a corporate training destination which also includes yoga and other exquisite routines. 

For the families visiting Neha and Puneet’s farm, it’s more than just a picnic. It’s a revelation for them and their kids. A first-hand experience to understand farming and be closer to nature. That is the reason, many parents are choosing to take their kids to the farm and not to the malls on a free day. The community table installed in the middle of their farm for brunches is a sought-after destination for families to have zero-mile brunches. 

This urban experiential farm project of the innovative couple caters to those who care to eat clean and live a more natural lifestyle in an urban setup. The place is bringing people closer to the source of real food. They grow seasonal local produce through natural farming and permaculture practices. The place is also processing food products and delivering them home along with your online vegetable orders and is teaching farming as a life skill to the next generation. 

Neha, a London School of Economics alumna and Puneet, an IT-trained professional gave up their flourishing career to create this beautiful experience for people in the National Capital Region with a broader purpose to sensitise young minds to be more responsible towards nature. 

“Though farm fresh vegetables and the supply of it is an important element of our project, what is a more satisfying and more focussed target for us is to acclimatise the younger people towards the realities of a far,” says Puneet. 

When you are closer to nature and own it up as your own, you feel responsible and more attached to it. No amount of video watching or reading can give you the experience of being in the space which you want to explore. We are happy that a lot of kids and elders are experiencing it with us, he adds. Apart from Neha and Puneet, their team consists of farmer families and their adorable pets which include a doggie Tofu and buffalo Basanti. 

The Farm-to-Fork phenomenon is fast catching up across the globe with many urban families preferring to spend their weekends at a place which is closer to the authentic rural experience of natural habitat and chemical-free food. The curated sustainable zero-waste farm experiences, workshops and training programs in farm surroundings give the visitors a sense of belongingness towards nature. 

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