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Indian YouTubers Standup for Africa 

ouTubers Arun and Sumi from Kerala travelled all the way to Africa and chose Malawi as their place of good work.

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This is a rare story of young people standing up for a society far away from home. Two YouTubers Arun and Sumi from Kerala travelled all the way to Africa and chose Malawi as their place of good work.

Malawi, a landlocked country in South-Eastern Africa is known for its Lake Malawi and the beautiful beach resorts around the enormous Lake. A typical Malawi video would comprise of its rich flora and fauna consisting of colourful fishes and baboons. The Great Rift Valley of Malawi and its National Parks are a hit with YouTubers who shuttle between the lake resorts to show stories of tourism. But the Indian YouTubers chose something different. 

Arun and Sumi travelled inward to the heartlands of Malawi and acquainted the village life and chose village people as the subject of their videos. 

“When we first came here in 2021, it was a rainy day and we saw young children running with their books covering their heads. I asked my driver where they were running to during school hours. I came to know that they have to study under the trees and when it rains they have no option but to run back to their homes,” says Arun. 

We made it our mission to build a school for these children. I and Sumi decided to dedicate our YouTube money and also raise money from well wishers to build the village Chisasila school, he adds. 

It was a tedious and long task for Arun and Sumi as they began the work by forming a village committee for the construction of the school. Their local driver became their translator and helped in the endeavour.  The existing school under the tree was a local initiative of the villagers and had no government affiliation. The duo along with the village elders worked out to get government support and got it recognised and also expanded it to 8th class. 

While the Indian YouTubers build a building called ‘Kerala Block’ for the Chisasila school with the help of freewill offering and the funds collected from the YouTube views, the villagers convince the government to build another block which will now house classes from 5th to 8th. 

Its a sense of satisfaction for Aruna and Sumi as they put in their efforts for around three years and mobilise local people and funders back home to build a beautiful school block with garden and other facilities for the children of Africa. 

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