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It’s all a child’s play for this little record holder  

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Do you know the scientific names of common animals? What about the different species of dinosaurs? Well, this wonder kid can do it with ease and in no time. He is two years and six months now and he started around a year ago with his memory demonstration when he started speaking out names of Indian States and its capitals. Sidharth Rajesh may seem to be like any other child in our society but he is different because he has used his memory skills beyond imaginable limits. 

Son of two nursing professionals from Kerala settled in Delhi, Sidharth was spotted by his near ones at just over a year when he started speaking and could remember almost all names of people around him. He then started speaking out words he caught from his elder sister Sreepadha reading her school textbooks.

“We recognised his skills early when after every journey he would speak out every name and place we would have discussed or talked about. He would also retain those names even after days. That is when we started trying new things like countries and their flags, national animals of various countries, animals and their habitats, animals and their baby names etc,” says his father Rajesh, who is a staff at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi. 

With Sidharth’s rare skills, records came calling for him. In this short span, he is Asia book of Records hodler, Indian Book of Records holder and is now striving for Guiness Book of Records under the kids category. His parents want to keep the child away from any stress of record breaking and hence they believe it will come naturally. They want Sidharth to inspire other kids to learn new skills and languages. 

“We do not want him to be stressed for an achievement. We are exposing him to different vocabulary and name sets. He is responding well to almost everything. But we will set another global record only when he is completely comfortable about it,” says Rajesh. 

At around two years of age, Sidharth was well versed in counting and alphabets of three languages. He shows interest in newer languages as well. We want him to become a role model for not just kids but also elders to learn new things especially languages which can help us fight a lot of barriers, he adds. 

Sidharth’s mother has a much simpler plan for her kid. “He should grow to become a good human. He should be helpful to others and help people complete their education if they are not able to,” says Sreelekshmiraj.

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