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Kashmiri youth’s new world record

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Mustafa Ibni Jameel was a weak student and he realised early in life that his subjects like mathematics were beyond his comprehension. He took calligraphy as a way forward in his career. Hailing from the Gurez region in the Bandipora district of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Mustufa today is a renowned name in artistic writing and has recently created a world record in handwriting Quran in a 500m scroll. 

27-year-old Mustufa took seven months to hand-write the manuscript of the Holy Quran in a paper scroll and is winning laurels worldwide for his unique achievement. 

Conditions did not allow Mustufa to seek formal training in creative artistic writing skills. A self-taught artist, he spent 18 hours a day to realise the world-record achievement. 

This was not his solo attempt. In 2017, Mustufa hand-wrote the first manuscript of the Quran and so far he has handwritten three copies. With a lot of patience and determination, he completed these achievements and he bestows the credit of his achievement on the ‘grace of Allah’. His initial plan was to handwrite the Quran on a 1500m long paper scroll but had to drop the idea due to budgetary constraints. 

The current world record attempt cost Mustufa a whopping budget of Rs 2.5  lakh and he had to depend on his close relatives to crowdsource the funding for it. He had to travel all the way from Kashmir to Delhi to fetch the paper bundle and take it for calligraphy work in the valley. Once completed, he had to again bring it back to Delhi for laminating and securing it from any damage. 

The new world record by Mustufa is set on a 14.5 inch and 500m white scroll paper and the Lincoln Book of Records on the 19th of May 2022 has bestowed on him the distinction of it being the only single piece of work in the world.

“This certificate is proudly presented to Mr. Mustafa Ibni Jameel, S/o Jameel AhmadLone (01-02-1995) set a new record by writing the Holy Quran on a 500m white scroll paper. Its length is 500m. This achievement is registered in the Lincoln book of records, dated 29/05/2022 This record attempt was held in New Delhi. (sic),” states the Lincoln Book of Records on its website.

Mustafa told the local media after his achievement that his work is intended to inspire the youths to take up the good learnings from the Holy Quran.

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