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Making destiny smile with hard work

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The story of Ilma Afroz is the one to reckon with. Hailing from a small town of Kundark town in the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh and being born to a farmer, Ilma is one who fought against all odds to reach her dreams. Her ferocious fight to stay on to her target can instillk a sense of pride in every ambitious youngster. 

Her father died when she was 14 years old and her mother single-handedly raised Ilma and her younger brother. She proudly proclaims today from every dias that she is the daughter of a farmer and a mother who taught her values and morals as the key to success. She calls her family the pillar of her strength. The sacrifices of her family and her younger brother to let her continue her studies is something she tells everyone. 

After completing her academics at a school in Kundark town, her good marks won her a seat in the prestigious St Stephen’s College in Delhi and she got admitted to the bachelor’s programme in Philosophy. 

After her graduation, Ilma Afroz earned her scholarship to Oxford University at Wolfson College. Her family neighbour in village Chowdhary uncle helped her with money to go abroad.  

Attending Wolfson College for her Master’s, Ilma Afroz had the opportunity to witness events at the hallowed Oxford Union debating hall. She along with other students, faculty, and intellectuals from around would discuss, debate, and exchange ideas with people from around the world. The experience opened her mind to the world. Moreover, it enabled her to appreciate different worldviews. After her studies in the UK, she moved to New York to attend a voluntary service program but her motherland beckoned her to come back. 

She came back to India and cracked the UPSC examination to serve the nation in the Police Service. Her decision to quit her job in New York and shift to work in India in the elite civil services hit the national media headlines. She scored an overall 217 rank in the examinations.

Ilma Afroz’s wish to serve her nation and do something beneficial for society brought her back home and is now doing a commendable job as an able and efficient police officer.

Ilma Afroz has also founded an organisation called Hope in her village in Kundark. It is a community-promoting networking platform to provide education for underprivileged children. Her sphere of reign regarding societal work has gained massive respect and praise from the village and people from across India.

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