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Some professions are entrenched deeply with mother earth and one of them is the art of pottery. Encouraging natural craftsmanship and artefacts made by potters has been a challenge of the time. One person who has excelled in the art of innovating and making pottery products a household thing in India is Mansukhbhai Prajapati of Gujarat. 

Born in 1970 in a poor potter’s family which had already given up on pottery work due to non-viability of income after the damage to the Machhu dam, young Mansukhbhai and his parents moved to Morbi for survival. He had to drop out of school after 10th due to lack of encouragement and facilities. The family which originally belonged to Wankaner in Gujarat was now struggling to make ends meet. Mansukhbhai worked in a tea stall to fend his family but all along thought of reviving his traditional pottery business. With his little savings he started making small products like kitchen utensils and it instantly became famous because of its innovative designs. 

His pottery product brand Mitti Cool is a global hit and people from India and abroad are ordering it online in large numbers. The mission of the team is to educate and popularise use of earthen products and shun plastic and other harmful things from our household. The venture also has an arm which educates and creates awareness about the benefits of using clay products. 

From a naturally cooling fridge to aesthetically designed kitchen utensils, you will find a range of quality products for your use in the Mitti Cool showroom installed by Prajapati in Rajkot town. The place also boasts of visits by major dignitaries and leaders who have been awestruck by the design and utility of the products made by the ace potter Mansukhbhai. The Mitti Cool showroom is elegantly designed and full of diverse products which are manufactured by the team. 

Along with making pottery products a commercially successful household accessory, another major contribution of Mansukhbhai is the efforts he and his team has done to encourage craftsmen and innovate artefacts for daily needs. 

Mansukhbai’s dream is to connect mankind more irrevocably with clay and soil. He is paving the way to bring people closer to nature by giving presentations with youngsters, colleges and in national and international seminars. He also welcomes design students and interested entrepreneurs to partner in his work.

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