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Probably, paradise is in unconditional love

ISP Mumbai Bureau 

She says animals love unconditionally and she is only doing what best could be done to give back that love to them. Meet Roxanne Davur, the lady who runs a sizable 1.5-acre animal shelter taking care of hundreds of animals on her farm near Karjat town between Mumbai and Pune. She is today mother to hundreds of animals in need of protection and care. 

Dogs, cats, bulls, ponies, horses, pigs, donkeys and many more friends surround and greet you when you meet her. That’s a feeling of an extended family for guests and every inmate of the farm. She has named her shelter for animals ‘Probably Paradise’. 

“Some of us think we have to die to go and enjoy paradise. That is such a boring idea. I thought, why not create a paradise here on earth with so many loving pets. And probably this is the most lovely thing and hence named it probably paradise,” says Roxanne talking to ISP. 

A hotel and airlines industry veteran, Roxanne dedicated herself to animal care quite early and got trained in animal welfare and started working in Karnataka as an Animal Welfare Inspector and a Race Course Inspector. After 12 years of professional experience, she moved to Karjat in 2011 and founded the shelter ‘Probably Paradise’ with her personal savings. 

The idea of having a care home for animals in a spacious place dawned upon her with the thought that to protect basic animal rights it was necessary to provide the abandoned animals with basic care and shelter. The other thought was that the facility must not become confinement for these creatures and they must enjoy the spacious place to run around and be free. 

An ever-smiling lady, Roxanne narrates the everyday struggle of running a space like hers. The expense touches many lakhs and it is solely dependent on well-wishers who contribute selflessly. 

Apart from running the shelter home, her team is also involved in animal rescues and building awareness among people around and the young population on livestock keeping. 

She lovingly invites everyone with family to visit her small and populated ‘paradise’ with beautiful creatures. Possibly, a visit could prove to be a compulsory lesson on being kind and compassionate.  

 “It would be a lifetime experience for you and especially the kids. What we learn here is that the more you share love, the more you get,” she says.

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