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Pushing boundaries in agriculture with social media

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These two friends from the Sangli district in Maharashtra are truly new-gen influencers with a unique flavour. Their content emanates from the Indian farms. Meet Akash and Santosh, the duo that is breaking the glass ceiling by creating farm-related content on social media platforms and not just winning followers and revenue but winning millions of hearts. 

For these two innovative minds, the idea of creating a social media space was kindled in the year 2018 when everyone was making their content online and becoming famous. Though parents did not support it in the beginning, they persisted with their available resources and launched the YouTube channel online. 

Both friends met in school and thought of doing something unique in life together. Santosh has a background in farming while Akash is an engineer by training and is highly interested in technology and communication devices. The combo worked wonders. Santosh is the person who faces the camera and narrates the stories from the farm. Akash is a more behind-the-camera guy good with direction and other backend work. They also have a local team of youngsters who support them in their video shoots and other logistics. 

The content of Santosh and Akash’s channel ranges from information about taking care of the crop to knowledge about cutting-edge farming tools. They bring in exciting interviews from the heartland of India and also bring to the forefront the troubles faced by the farmers on the ground.  They talk of droughts, floods and everything that affects farming. The audience that visits their channel feels that the issues raised by them are done by none other. 

Santosh and Akash’s YouTube channel ‘Indian Farmer’ has a 2.6 million family of subscribers and lakhs of comments appreciating and thanking their agriculture-related content pour in every minute for this young team.  Recognising their popularity YouTube Originals dedicated a whole episode of Creator Spotlight, the global mini-documentary series,  showing the journey and challenges to set up the Indian Farmer Channel. 

Both friends believe that farming as a career has a great future if nurtured scientifically. They feel that more and more youths are bound to take up a career in farming as time moves on. They await a day when the farming community, new technology and the new generation will find compatibility with each other. The work they do, they believe, is all directed towards this simple yet ambitious aim. 

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