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Rearing donkeys as a business start-up

ISP Bangalore Bureau 

Srinivas Gowda, a 42-year-old former IT professional is the talk of the town for his new venture – a donkey farm. He has opened his farm in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka and claims it to be an upcoming and profitable business owing to the medicinal qualities of donkey milk. 

This is not the first pursuit of Gowda in the farm business. After quitting his job at a software development company in 2020, he started an integrated farm for agriculture and animal husbandry in Ira village. The facility, other than having a dedicated goat breeding station,  also had a veterinary and fodder facility for other farmers to avail. His farm is famous in his region for the supply of goats, rabbits and organic Kadaknath chicken. From his experience on the first farm, he thought of having an exclusive space for donkeys. 

“The situation pertaining to donkey rearing is very bad in the country. I am only the second person to start a farm like this in India. The milk of donkeys has many qualities which is a remedy for lifestyle ailments. I see a huge market for donkey milk in the near future,” Srinivas Gowda told news agency ANI. 

Gowda has started a farm with 20 donkeys and he plans to expand it as demand increases. He plans to supply donkey milk to the market in small packets of 30ml each at the cost of Rs. 150. He has already bagged orders worth more than 12 lakh rs after his announcement of the venture. 

“When I started the firm several people were apprehensive and made fun when the idea of a donkey farm was shared with them. The donkey’s milk is delicious, very expensive and has medicinal value”, Gowda told the news agency.

Apart from medical applications and as health drinks, donkey milk also has huge applications in the making of beauty products. Brands are already lining up with him for a supply of donkey milk. Gowda has already received advance orders from these companies as well. He also doubles up the farm as a donkey training centre and provides services including health check-ups and treatment of donkeys. 

With an investment of around Rs 42 Lakh, Gowda aims to make it big in the donkey business. His success will surely be a way forward to instill the much-needed priority for the donkey breeding business as a naturally high nutrient provider.

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