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Social empowerment with self-reliance

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What should a country like India be focusing on with a rich demographic dividend of a young and resourceful population. Ask Mukesh Shukla and he will introduce you to his sprawling infrastructure and team working day and night to support young men and women self-reliant with flourishing business models. He is working to create sustainable social entrepreneurship across India. 

Shukla’s Samadhan group must be one of the best examples of a successful public-private partnership. Boarded on the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan with the various ministries of the Government of India and multiple state governments, his mentorship and technical support is helping lakhs of youth every year to become self-reliant by venturing into entrepreneurship.

“I am a chartered accountant by training. Interacting with young people was my area of interest and it gave me an opportunity to understand their urgent needs of channelising their immense talent. I always believed that India is a land of opportunity and it was my personal mission to prove it true,” says Mukesh Shukla talking to ISP.  

We were successful in creating a seamless system with our Entrepreneurship Development Programme that is not just about training for business. It begins with our outreach officers reaching out to different parts of the country to spot talents and youngsters with a zeal to add value with creating their own businesses. We then help them in creating proposals and in acquiring technical skills. We also stay with them for connecting them with financial assistance and in hand holding them till they become self-sufficient, he adds. 

The Institute of Industrial Development, the flagship initiative of the Samadhan group owns a vibrant new media network which was particularly instrumental in creating jobs and businesses in the post-covid era. The day and night telephonic support provided by the Institute is a counselling cum information centre for any individual looking for guidance and help.

IID is an incubation centre with the Ministry of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises and also has their alliance with the start-up department in Uttar Pradesh.

Mukesh Shukla’s streak with social activism early in his college days won him many allies in the society and he uses the goodwill to connect people for professional and profitable alliance. 

“We are in a world where collaborations are creating the difference. If we stand by each other then nothing can be unachievable. India has the potential to create five silicon valleys if our young minds are guided well. It is about mutual support. We have Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in our midst, we need to wake them up and ask them to arise and shine,” says CA Mukesh Shukla.

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