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Spreading Khushiyan unlimited

Financial stress may often break you down and feel bitter towards people around you. For Chinu Kwatra it worked the other way round. A massive crisis in the family forced young Chinu and his mother to run a roadside Dhaba. The serving boy of the eatery resolved in those tough times to help children in need. 

There were times when his mother couldn’t afford paying Chinu’s school fees but the academically sound son worked twice as hard. His rising academic graph made his school decide to support him financially. He passed out with good grades and climbed up in academics to do an MBA in marketing. 

“I must tell this here. Apart from my own determination, my love life played a major role in my studies. I met a girl and fell in love with her. She was the one who taught me English and helped me complete my MBA program. Unfortunately she passed away in an accident and it was almost a point of death for me too,” says Chinu to ISP.

His girlfriend’s death pushed Chinu to severe depression. Suffering from suicidal tendancies he pushed himself near to death thrice. But, destiny had in store better and brighter things for him. 

“I survived three atempts to kill myself. But it also became a turning point for me. My mother was a great help who wanted me to live life for others.  She asked me to devote my life to serving children who needed someone to hold hands. I thought I should start somewhere and adopted my first school in Waghbil with 135 kids and started teaching drawing and dancing there,” says Chinu Kwatra. 

I started using social media with my younger brother’s guidance and started showcasing the needs of the society in different platforms in a creative way. It started attracting people, donors, supporters and finally we are today a 40+ crore family of interconnected people with 1000s of dedicated volunteers, he adds.

Today. Chinu Kwatra is a renowned social media influencer and he fuels his philanthropy work with his clout on the digital mediums. He promotes big brands on his verified pages, he is a hotelier and runs holiday homes and restaurants with his brother, mother and friends. He has several start-ups to his credit. 

Kwatra recently started ‘Ananta Khushiyaan Digital and Skill Development Centre’ in Delhi to uplift the less privileged people of the community. The idea behind this project is to develop critical skills like basic computer, basic English speaking and soft skills for anyone who is willing to learn but doesn’t have the resources or the support from society. 

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