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Success with Perseverance  

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He got orphaned early in life and the future looked gloomy to him. But destiny had great things in store for him. He rose to become a decorated Army officer and today he is inspiring millions of young minds with his talks and life skill training. Captain Rakesh Walia is a name to reckon with in the Indian celebrity circuit and his talks are most sought after by people across the world. 

Captain Rakesh Walia served the nation in some of the most challenging operations within and across Indian borders as an officer of the Gurkha Rifles. After losing his parents in childhood, he made it a mission to not give up and make the best of his career and also act as a channel of inspiration for fellow Indians. 

An officer job in the Army for a child from a model background was a dream proposition. Something which each one of us would want to clinch for our whole life and cherish it. But destiny had other things in store for young Rakesh Walia. He was continuing with his illustrious combat life when he was  constrained to resign from active service on compassionate grounds. 

His circumstances to bid goodbye to active uniform life did not retire the soldier inside him. He decided to put his Army experience into practical use by venturing into a civilian management career. He began his corporate foray by joining one of the largest travel conglomerates where he got associated with some of the most iconic brands word-wide and won innumerable citations and awards at the national and international levels. His pleasant demeanour coupled with his Army discipline, made him stand distinct in the boardroom jobs coupled with his dynamic personality which radiated positivity in his outlook towards life.

He rose to hold the position of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) with one of the most respected telecom brands – Matrix Cellular (International) Services Ltd. At work, Captain Rakesh Walia became a sought after leader with his eye for details and skills to lead the team in times of crisis. 

With corporate and Army experience in his resume, Captain Walia today is known as a leader who has won over life in its own game. He is on a mission to inspire others to achieve not only what they wish to, but also to bring out the best in them, by the experience he has gained over years of conquered hardships.

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