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​The Folk Star of India

ISP Jaipur Bureau 

He is undoubtedly the folk star of India. The voice of Mame Khan helped Rajasthan’s folk music to gain popularity on a global scale. Now Rajasthani songs are  everywhere from the most prestigious festivals to prominent TV formats and are also easily found on almost all  platforms on the internet. Mame Khan most recently made history at the Cannes Film Festival when she became the first Indian folk musician to ever walk the Red Carpet.

​​Mame Khan comes from a line of outstanding singers who have carried on a distinctive oral tradition for over fifteen generations. His father and mentor, the late Shri Rana Khan, had a significant influence on his enthusiasm and singing ability.

In a little, nearly mediaeval town called Satto close to Jaisalmer, Mame Khan began her musical career. The golden city of Jaisalmer and the nearby villages are well-known for their lengthy histories of monarchs and poets. It is also a meeting point for Muslim and Hindu mystical traditions that transcends national boundaries.

Among Rajasthan’s folk music circles, Mame Khan is a name that is frequently spoken and holds a high degree of respect. He performs a wide variety of traditional folk and sufi music today. There are songs for every moment in life in the unique genre of Manganiyar folk music known as Jangra. The loud and vibrant music of the Manganiyar Musicians accompany the pleasant occasions of life, from traditional wedding songs to welcome songs for a new baby.

Mame Khan also performs songs by Sufi poets from Rajasthan and Sindh, such as Mira Bai, Kabir, Lal Shahbâz Qalandar, Bulleh Shah, and Baba Ghulam Farid, with panache and joy. The most prestigious national and international platforms have hosted his stage performances. His voice has graced musical platforms and events in India and throughout the world, including Europe, America, Africa, and the Gulf States.