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He struggled through his childhood in poverty but his hard-work paved the way for one of the most successful unicorns in India. Meet Alakh Pandey, renowned online educator and motivational speaker and the founder of PhysicsWallah. He made his school education possible by teaching junior kids and his first salary was Rs. 5000 and today he is worth Rs 8000 Crore.

Alakh is married to Shivani and he is one role model who has made a mark in education sector who is a dropout himself. He left his engineering in the third year and looked for something exciting with his earlier experience in student tuition work. 

He personifies the ed-tech revolution in India. He became highly popular with his physics made simple YouTube videos in 2017. Today, Alakh is undoubtedly the highest paid teacher in India. As a kid, he wanted to be an actor. He was an active member of the street play group but due to financial constraints forced him to take tuitions to kids when he was in class 8th. He proved to be a bright child. By class 12th, he was teaching science to many of his juniors. His parents had to sell part of their home to ensure education for their kids Alakh and Aditi.

Alakh Pandey is currently one of the highest paid teachers in the country. He is the founder and head of PhysicsWallah, the unicorn ed-tech company which has taken the global education spectrum by storm. He had a humble beginning with the EdTech business. 

He started making YouTube videos in 2017 from a small room in his Kanpur in UP. During the pandemic days, his videos became very popular with the students and members of the academic community and it gave birth to one of the most successful EdTech venture in the country. His company today employs 500 teachers and 100 technical people and it is ever expanding with growing demand. He has also started a class in Kota for students wanting to attend his tutorial in physical mode. 

Evolving his strategy for contacting his students, in 2018, he launched a mobile app PhysicsWallah App on which the study materials for class 10, class 11, class 12, and IIT JEE/NEET exam were provided to students. It became an instant rage. In the year 2022, his start-up Physics Wallah became the 101st Indian company to enter the Unicorn list. He is a TEDex speaker and a inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs in India. 

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