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Transformational Yoga experience of a kid

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Can Yoga transform you from a dull and good-for-nothing person to a mentor and an inspiring personality. Well, the experience of Yashwanth Reddy of Bangalore is a testimony to the transformational and curative side of the age-old practices of Yoga. 

He was once called a disruptive and non-attentive student with a high degree of distractive tendencies. His parents were advised by his teachers to refer to a therapist but they first enrolled him in a music class and then in regular yoga training. Music could not help him much but yoga became his passion. He focussed on the asanas and various details of the art and slowly became a master of the field. 

He followed a strict physical and mental regime to focus on his health and studies. He improved in his academics and also started his own school for teaching Yoga both online and offline. Today at the age of 15 after almost a decade of training, Yashwanth is a sought-after therapist and trainer for many across India. 

The media is hailing Yashwanth’s experience as a testimony that the majority of mental and physical illnesses can be cured with the right diet, exercise and support from the people who are close. It is all about making the right choices early in life to make complex things easy. 

Yashwant is an example of the benefits of practising yoga. His activities which were once called disruptive were converted to constructive all-round behaviour by increasing focus and attitude towards everything he dealt with. As a result, the child excelled in academics and sports. He further enhanced his talent by sharing the knowledge of Yoga he acquired at an early age with multiple trainees who came to him to learn the art. 

Yashwant today is popular in the Yoga circuit as the kid who excels in performing Gandaberundasana – one of the most difficult poses that could fetch you a lot of points in a competition and it is like a dream for every Yoga student to perform on stage. He also does handstand perfectly and with a lot of ease. It required him to strengthen his arms and then balance the entire body only on my two hands. The wonder child has mastered over 3000 Asanas and has performed them in front of packed audiences to popularise Yoga. He is also the recipient of the Rashtriya Karnataka Ratna Award 2021.

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