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Uplifting lives with her astrology skills

ISP Delhi Bureau: 

She has been practicing astrology and related sciences for more than two decades now. She is a renowned face on Indian television and people seek her appointment for guidance. Meet Nandita Pandey, an astrologer who is transforming the age-old Indian art of future telling to a therapy to help people feeling low and down in life. 

Nandita reveals in her talk how she blended a  lot of psychological counselling with her astrology with studies. And her experiment has proven a help to many giving a positive direction to people who otherwise had lost all hopes in their lives.

Another important addition which Nandita has successfully is using her talent to guide people to do philanthropic work. She found it very useful as many of them found it a new meaning to their otherwise monotonous schedules.

Astrology has many aspects, there is general guidance which throws a light on a person’s future and helps them in overcoming any deadlocks that are foreseen through various remedies. The remedies provided to them involve a lot of charities which help in uplifting the downtroddens of society and also taking care of the environment by planting trees and many other things which connect the individual to the society around, says Nandita. 

Astrology through Nandita is working like a ray of hope for many. There are thousands who are connecting with her through her television shows. 

Watching Nandita talk to her clients is a learning experience in itself. People reach her seeking guidance and possibly seeking solace with divine intervention. 

Her first job mostly pertains to releasing the stress level in the person’s life in front of her. She talks like a doctor and less like an astrologer with some mentions of religious texts in between. It indirectly helps the person by psychologically stabilising them without a dosage of any medicine. 

The second part of her work is to check the horoscope and analyse what best can be done for a situation which is adversely impacting the person. Finally, she recommends remedies which in most cases is ardently followed and the person returns back to her happier and thankful. In the whole process, she ensures that her client is not emotionally healed but also richer in experience by attaining an altruistic heart.

Astrology in fact complements medicine and does not contradict it. When medicine fails , there are times astrological guidance and remedies have saved people’s lives, she claims.

“Astrology in a nutshell covers almost all the aspects of nature and its sentient beings and helps them in their nurturing in one way or the other. Astrology beautifully  binds the society with its environment and guides people to do good for others and to also to protect the less privileged,” says Nandita preparing for her next live television show for the evening. 

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