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Voices echo in the listener’s smile

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Sajeev Sarathie is a Hindi poet, lyricist and a screenwriter. He published his first book ‘Ek Pal Ki Umr Lekar’ in 2011. He has penned songs for Hindi feature films Dam 999, Foreign Flames, Anya. His words beautified the music albums like Pahla Sir, Beat of Indian Youth and Rang Tera. All the titles may not have proven a rage but had definitely given an edge for Sarathie over his peers in Bollywood. He has to his credit lyrics writing for more than 100 singles. 

Commercial writing assignments were plenty but he wanted to explore more and go beyond writing. Sajeev himself being wheelchair bound, his movement and interaction with the outer world was always limited. His job and home were his staple routine. He was actively helped by his wife Anu Sajeev to explore beyond writing and take up active interaction with his fans.

“I found that there was plenty of content but people were not interacting the way they should. There was a complete disconnect between creators and listeners. That is when we explored the medium of podcast and with the scope of two-way interaction with online radio,” says Sajeev Sarthie to ISP correspondent. He is today mentor and guide to multiple podcast circles and interaction platforms focussed on mutual learning among people. 

I wanted to create platforms that can give an opportunity for people to come out and speak. My experience has been that although online, when you speak in a podcast, your voice makes a lot of sense to someone who is wanting it the most to listen on the other side. A simple smile or happiness of a listener is worth a thousand pat on my shoulder for my work, he adds. 

With experience and multiple trials, Sajeev understood that for Indian families, the golden age of cinema of the 60s and 70s is a great talking point. He clubbed it with his contacts in the film industry and started narrating legends of the silver screen. It became an instant hit. 

I was looking at topics and talking points that can keep the listener away from his worries and moments of displeasure which he or she comes across all through the day. Talking about art and cinema made it possible for me, says Sajeev.

He founded the channel ‘Hindi Yugm’ in 2007 and later launched his own Radio Playback India in 2012. With podcasting he was among the early artists to promote music creations through online collaboration and jamming. 

Apart from creating his own shows, he has partnered with more than 200 creators till now for shows and is actively engaged in promoting many budding artists through his shows by introducing their talents to the audience. 

Radio Playback India is fast becoming a podcast community which has its very strong presence on all audio platforms like Spotify, Gaana, Jio Saavn, Amazon Music, iTunes, Google Podcast etc. His channel is now the content partner with world’s first audio interactive community platform Mentza.

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