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Waterpreneur with a difference

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His venture is helping the nation save lakhs of litres of water. He left his well settled corporate position to become a water entrepreneur. Amit Doshi is the founder of NeeRain, a start-up committed to the cause of addressing the global crisis of water. 

Innovation oriented venture started by Amit Doshi works with the help of local decentralised technologies and is helping thousands of families to become a water conservator by helping them with rain water harvesting. Doshi aims to  empower common people in India to lead a water-secure life.

Doshi left his corporate leadership position in a waste management company in 2018. He actively pursued ideas which were akin to the goals of sustainability. He wanted to own a business which would make a difference to the living condition of the people. While spending considerable time in research, the idea of rainwater harvesting dawned upon him by way of practical experience and feedback from people around.

Amit Doshi went out to raise funds for doing innovative work in water conservation. He could collect around 30 lac rupees from his well wishers and interested investor friends to start the NeeRain Private Ltd. Today, his venture has become a major component of the country’s efforts to transform India from being a water-scarce to water surplus nation.

“I went further on to find market gaps in this field. I discovered that water conservation is talked about by government action and that an increasing number of people understand the importance of doing it but one of the most pertinent problems was that the traditional water conservation systems were expensive and difficult to maintain. In addition, the systems required professionals to solve installation and maintenance problems,” Amit told the news agency The Tribal Box in an interview. 

The technology devised by Amit Doshi and his company works on a two-stage filtration process and ensures that particles up to 500 microns get collected and allow the water to pass through. The water is collected in a small tank and passes through a second filter preventing the passage of particles up to 5 microns. The water then passes out of the system to be collected as pure, clean, and fresh rainwater. 

Amit Doshi’s innovative approach to water conservation has helped create a tangible solution for rainwater harvesting. The system is both affordable and maintenance-free. The device launched by Amit and his team is now functional in thousands of households and is considerably contributing to harvesting a substantial amount of water in the country.

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