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Working towards equality for all

ISP Delhi Bureau 

When Sushil Kumar Meena and his friends were looking for a name for their initiative to teach kids, they found nothing better than ‘Nirbhed’ meaning without any bias. Nirbhed Foundation today is one of the unique initiatives in the National Capital Region involving professionals working for the betterment of children on the street and from the deprived section of the society since 2015. 

Sushil, the founder of Nirbhed Foundation, which started in Ghaziabad and has branches in different parts of the country, is an officer with the Railways and he along with his committed friends has developed a participative model for professionals to join and partake in the initiative. A native of Rajasthan, he is a civil engineer from HBTI Kanpur. His inspiration to do something towards reducing education disparity resounded with many other youngsters and they all are today a team together to serve the needy children. 

“ It was painful to see that many children do not get the opportunity to go to school or avail good health facilities. We started with building a safe and hygienic place to impart them good education and healthy food. We have added their healthcare and other elements now. Recently, we also started skill development sessions to enhance their livelihood possibilities when they grow up,” Sushil Kumar Meena told ISP. 

I believe that an individual’s development depends on their education level and so, a nation’s development depends on each and every individual’s development, he added. 

Today, team Nirbhed Foundation comprises highly qualified and skilled professionals. They all work with a single aim to make things better in society by increasing the literacy rate. The idea of engaging children on the street in productive learning habits has been very effective as it has helped these kids stay away from various hazardous activities. 

Nirbhed Foundation’s elementary education project today caters to children in multiple centres across the country. These are kids who are economically weak and are working, school dropouts and children who never went to school. The experts at the Nirbhed education centre educate them, interact with them, involve them in extracurricular activities and give moral education. Nirbhed operates day, evening and night classes for such children as per their time availability. 

“It was distressing that the majority of our people are struggling for basic necessities such as Food, Water, Clothing and shelter. I wanted to do something for it and got Sushil’s support,” says Taruna Vidhay, another co-founder of the organisation who is an IT professional. 

In 2013, we started a coaching centre together and started providing free coaching classes for govt job aspirants of weaker sections. We worked after office hours and on holidays. In parallel to this, we also started to teach little children from slums who were involved in child labour. That is how our mission began and it is satisfying to see it growing, she adds. 

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