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Young climate champion from Meerut

ISP Lucknow Bureau 

Hina Saifi was part of the 17 Young Climate Champions list who are part of the face of the United Nations campaign for India. 20-year Saifi hails from the Sisosla village of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh and is part of the ongoing #WeTheChangeNow campaign spearheaded by the UN across the world to protect the Earth from climate change. 

The story of Hina making it to the elite list of India’s climate leadership is in itself an inspiring one. The initiative which aims to showcase climate solutions pioneered by young Indians is truly enriched by the selection of Hina and many others like her from remote corners of India. She was part of the 100% Uttar Pradesh Campaign in 2018 and has been working on the climate agenda from a young age. Her inspiration to join the climate action agenda was her own village which lacked climate awareness and was suffering from high levels of pollution. She is currently associated with En Bloc, a non-governmental group based in her place in Meerut. 

Hina’s struggle to complete her school education is an inspiration for her activism. When she completed her 8th class, she was told by her family to quit her studies. However, her mother persisted and she took her to her aunt’s house to stay and further study there and complete her 10th class. She faced the same problem to pursue her higher secondary school. She lost one year in between but she did not give up. She worked in a football-making factory to earn her living to support her own education. 

Hina works with the people and is a supporter of on-the-ground activism as a means of changing people’s behaviour. Her focus has always been to educate the public about climate-friendly behaviour through various mobilisation activities. At her young age, she led marches for clean air and has conducted pamphlet distribution, public meetings, door-to-door visits, and surveys in support of her campaign. Her other area of work involves her support for solar-powered solutions to air pollution like the usage of solar pumps or rooftop solar installation for homes and institutions. 

Hina along with other 17 young climate champions selected by the UN are active on the campaign these days inviting young Indians to join the movement to protect the Earth by sharing their climate action stories on a regular basis online and offline through events and other platforms. The stories are targeted to encourage people to adopt a more solution-based, innovative approach to fighting climate change. Hina feels that the solutions are already within reach to solve the present climate crisis but everyone must unite to adopt the solutions in our daily life.

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