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Neighbourhoods in this South Indian town are going eco-friendly with Vani Murthy. The Bengaluru-based zero-waste Insta influencer is making life greener for thousands of people with the short and sweet advice of zero-waste recipes. 

Vani Murthy is a household name across Bengaluru and her videos on composting tips and other daily hacks such as bio enzymes and waste disposal techniques. 

The revelation of her innate interest in environment conservation and kitchen farming was triggered with a chance incident in 2007. It was when an acquaintance told her that if one tonne of paper waste could be collected and given for recycling, about seventeen trees would be saved. This simple information made her steadfast in her strive to protect the environment in whatever small ways she can. 

Vani Murthy, who hails from Malleswaram area in Bangalore made a visit to Bangalore’s main landfill at Mavallipura in 2009. The situation she witnessed there made her resolve to fight the horrendous situation and fight for waste management in her own small way. She was determined that she would not contribute to the landfill in any way.

She started segregating household waste and sent the dry waste for recycling. She learnt composting to deal with the wet waste and also inspired others to do so. 

A small but aggressive movement that Vani Murthy and her team started in 2009 made a huge positive impact on the waste management scenario in Bangalore. Inspired by Bangalore’s success, a group of people started a similar movement recently in Hyderabad and the word spread across India. 

Vani Murthy is a regular contributor to newspapers and social media and appears in radio and TV shows to help spread the word about waste management further. She was a speaker at TEDx Bangalore in Sept 2015.

She is today a major sustainable and zero-waste influencer with over a hundred thousand followers on her social media channels. With extensive videos on composting tips, instructions and other zero-waste hacks such as bio enzymes and zero-waste recipes, Vani Murthy today is an inspiration to several households which have begun to adopt such sustainable practices in their lives.

The 60-year-old composting queen of India has been a rage on Facebook for a long time. During the pandemic lockdown, she  gradually moved over to Instagram where, as @WormRani, she now has 2.3 lakh followers. She was also part of the National Geographic One for Change campaign recently.

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