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A true warrior

ISP Cochin Bureau 

She fought her destiny and came out victorious. Annie Shiva is a lesson for generations to learn. She married her love against the will of her parents while she was a first year college student. Husband abandoned her and their newborn and they had no place to go. She had to sell ice creams and lemonades in Kerala cities to survive. 

The story does not end there. She had to wait for destiny to smile for 14 long years. While she was still struggling for her livelihood, with consistent effort and training, Annie cracked the Sub-Inspector exam and became a cop. The inspiring story of Annie Shiva is a media hit and her journey is rightly termed as an inspiring story of a real life warrior by the Malayalam vernacular media.

“Today I am the Sub-Inspector of Police at the same place where I lived ten years ago selling ice cream and lemonade for the Varkala Sivagiri pilgrimage. How can I avenge yesterday bigger than this,” wrote Annie Shiva in her facebook timeline after clearing the police exam. The post came as a revealing news for everyone as she and her son were living in as elder and younger brother everyone’s glare till then.  

She further wrote in her timeline, “some days, even getting a single meal a day seemed like a luxury. I’ve helplessly watched my son cry out of hunger and go to sleep. I managed not to get mentally derailed somehow. After all these hardships, when a woman manages to get her life on track, people show mercy and keep spreading lies about them. So, my son and I lived here as an elder brother and a younger brother.”

Some days, even getting a single meal a day seemed like a luxury for her. She says her son would cry out of hunger and go to sleep. But she did not give up. She put in hours and hours of studies and physical training to clear her Kerala police entrance exam. Now after getting a government job she is confident to give her son a good life. 

Annie’s appointment as a Sub-Inspector was also not easy. She got a job as a constable in 2016. She worked in that position for three before clearing her exam for the Sub Inspector position in 2021. 

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