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Necessity is the mother of inventions

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For an agriculture-centric country like India, innovation in farming and its allied sector is the most vital factor deciding the overall progress of the nation. Our farmers go through everyday struggles to meet their requirements of logistics and management of their farmlands. While farmers depend on government and research agencies for innovation and development, it never really happens. Narendra Patidar of Mandsaur is a farmer from Madhya Pradesh who has tried to break this cliche of grievances. He has taken it upon himself to innovate and apply technologies as per his needs. 

Patidar is like any other farmer with a little hand holding but they are all spread across various locations in his village. He had 17 land pieces in different parts of the village and the distance and travel to manage these farms were taking a toll on him. He resolved to change the situation in his favour. He started installing the latest technical gadgets on his farms and it proved very useful to him in the long run. 

For the 12th pass farmer with no technical education, the innovation for his farming came without any formal training. He learned it all by experimenting. Today, with CCTVs, mobile controlled water pumps, GPRS and various other technologies to his service, Patidar is a hero of his village and the media has caught up with him and he is a story everyone is reading.  

Narendra Patidar and his innovative thinking were discovered by a local online channel called ‘Shades of Rural India’. The channel team visited his village and explored the extent of technical innovations he has made possible. Patidar has control of all his water pumps on his mobile. He can switch on and off his water supply and the intensity of it through his handheld device. His farm workers are all digitally monitored, they have digital attendance and they work to move outside and inside the premises with CCTV monitoring. Patidar has fitted all his vehicles with GPRS and the utility and efficiency of his vehicles are calculated every month to reassign their duties. The fuel usage is also calculated remotely and supply is ensured accordingly.  

Narendra Patidar wishes to undertake formal technical education with some engineering college to further innovate and find solutions for his farm requirements. He has the ambition to evolve a technique which can take care of even the market supply and sale of his crop and also ensure maximum profit. He wants to make available all his experience to fellow farmers as well.

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