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A boon for the paralysed

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Zain Samdani and his innovative robotic glove is helping patients with paralysed hands in India and world over. The invention is proving to be a boon to many. The fact that a cosmetic prosthetic hand could cost between ₹1-₹2 lakh while a robotic prosthetic hand could be made available to people in need  anywhere between ₹40-₹50 lakh was the inspiration behind young Zain to go ahead with his work. 

Life changed for Zain when he was just 15-year-old and was visiting India from Saudi Arabia. The family vacation changed the course of his life and many associated with him. He had a chance meeting with his partially paralysed distant maternal uncle that left him amazed at the plight of the diasabled in India.

The robotics enthusiast and innovator in Zain inspired him to develop Neuro-ExoHeal, an exoskeletal hand rehabilitation device that utilises neuroplasticity and Azure technology to help patients with neurological damage recover faster at a very affordable cost. 

Zain was upset that despite technological advancement in the world, his uncle had to suffer a lot. He built a device based on the concept of neuroplasticity. Divided into a sensory glove for the functional hand and an exoskeletal robotic hand for the paralysed hand, the first prototype came into existence post extensive research and innumerable meetings with neuroscientists and physiotherapists.

One of the biggest fans of Zain’s innovation has been none other than former Google CEO Sundar Pichai. He was impressed by Zain’s innovation and he tweeted his personal appreciation of the young man’s work. He also won the Microsoft 2022 Imagine Cup World Championship. The event is considered the ‘Olympics of Technology’ in which more than 10,000 participants from 160 countries take part and bring their innovations for calibration.

Zain was born in Hyderabad and he moved to Saudi Arabia at a very young age with his father who worked as a project manager. He started his programming career at the age of 12 and after a year he started trying with prosthetic designs.  Zain is now doing his University education in Bremen, Germany. He was adjudged Ashoka Young Changemaker 2021.

Zain would first visualise the product in his head first, and then make it with cardboard. Initially he could not afford 3D printing and hence he approached a Saudi Arabia company Make India to help with his printing needs. 

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